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Game Swing (Formerly Reign Bros)
Copenhagen, Denmark

Founding date:
July 1, 2013


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Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure

Pilestræde 43, 1. sal
1112 KBH K


Game Swing is a small, dedicated game studio from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Game Swing create games fueled by curiosity and genuine passion for the medium. Although our games may differ wildly, we typically find inspiration in the very fundamentals of play... not gameplay.

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is a reimagination of a folk game, and our follow-up project has similar inspiration in children's play.

Game Swing a small studio with great ambitions, and the willingness to venture wherever curiosity takes us; to keep our minds challenged and put passion at play



Game Swing (originally named Reign Bros) was founded in 2013 by five eager game design students and has an unusual and inspiring story. Brought together by coincidence and a colorful prototype made during Nordic Game Jam, they decided to follow their dreams, and see if this prototype could be turned into a full-blown Console release...



The prototype was a dodgeball-type local-multiplayer game called Stikbold!. It was a weird but bold game, and it resonated well enough with the audience to win the “most fun” award and came in 3rd overall.

Motivated by this "success", they continued to work on Stikbold! while submitting it to various contests and showcases, and applying to grants. Showing the game gave them some fun experiences while providing valuable feedback from players. Since they were straight out of university, and didn’t have real credentials in game development yet, Game Swing used any accolades Stikbold! received to give them credibility. Eventually, they were fortunate enough to trade this validation in for development support from a foundation called The Nordic Game Program. Needless to say, this was a huge deal to them, and a crucial step on a journey, longer and harder than they would have ever imagined.



After more than three years of development, Stikbold! is finally ready for release in Q2 of 2016. An accomplishment achieved through blood, sweat, tears, luck and laughter… and one they're incredibly proud of!

Currently, Game Swing is doing some contract work to pay the bills, and preparing to begin work on the next title, a storytelling game for mobile devices.



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Awards & Recognition

  • PAX10 Selection - PAX Prime 2014

  • ”Develop 100 Europe's most exciting game start-ups” - Develop 100

  • ”Nordic Indie Sensation Nominee 2013” - Nordic Game 2013

  • ”Best Game Created Using the Unity Engine” - OUYA Create 2013

  • ”Most Fun Game” - Nordic Game Jam 2013

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Team & repeating collaborators

Jacob Herold @JacobHerold
CEO, Business, Game Swing

Martin Petersen @ItsKumquat
Game Design, Marketing, Game Swing

Anders Østergaard @Anderzoe
Game Design, QA, Game Swing

Simon Vestergaard @Engelsted_
Programming, Game Swing

Lars Bindslev @Larsss
Visual Artist, Game Swing



Twitter: @GMSwing


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