GUNTOUCHABLES is a hardcore co-op action roguelite shooter for 1-4 players. You and your team of Gun Runners must face hordes of merciless mutants in an escalating arms race to find and deliver crates of powerful and confidential equipment and know-how for the Government. Each supply crate contains invaluable upgrades to strengthen your team’s builds and abilities. BUT your enemies will obtain any crates you leave behind during your missions, and use them to evolve into unpredictable and deadly new mutations that you will have to deal with in upcoming missions.

Every run will not only bring unique combinations of upgrades for player builds but also present new and distinct challenges to overcome. The players are constantly facing tough decisions that have a direct impact on the players or the mutants in the game, and the team must excel at collaboration to leverage themselves to stay ahead of the mutants.

The game brings together the best parts of action roguelikes and top-down shooters, and combines it with a fresh and intriguing game loop where players are forced to push themselves with the risk of becoming overconfident and failing. GUNTOUCHABLES is an uncompromising and difficult game, and the concept of “hardcore co-op”, where players are required to work closely together to survive, is allowed to shine.

In line with the spirit of the game, Game Swing invites the community to work closely during development of the game. GUNTOUCHABLES will be released first as a demo, and then in Early Access, which will give us a great connection and deep understanding of our players. Given this access, we will do our best to ensure, that the people following and supporting us will feel like an integral part of the game.


  • A large selection of general and unique upgrades for a custom build suited to your specific playstyle and characters
  • A roster of increasingly dangerous and ever-evolving mutants will ensure endless possibilities for new constellations of surprise and challenge
  • A wide range of standard and specialized weapons that can be tailored in concordance with upgrades and enemies


Game Swing
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Game Swing is a small Copenhagen-based game studio of passionate indie developers. Recognized for our devotion to social gameplay, attention to detail, and originality, we seek to explore new ways to play together, while being inspired by the games we played in our youth (many years ago) that we can still pick up and play, with friends and family, today.

Our games are always looking to explore new ways to play together, while still feeling familiar. We strive to make our games easy to pick up and introduce your friends to, and deep enough that you will get challenged to the limit.

The company was founded in 2013 by a handful of stubborn game students determined to bring their game jam prototype to market. Since then, we have brought three games into the world – Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure, OddBallers and the mobile game SpotRacers, a collaboration with Level Up Garage. GUNTOUCHABLES is our fourth original game.

The Team

Game Director: Martin Sommer
Art Director: Lars Bindslev
Game Designer: Miki Anthony
Lead Programmer: Anton Johansson
Tool & Gameplay Programmer: Oskar Sönne

More information
More information on Game Swing, our logo & relevant media are available in the Game Swing Presskit.



Twitter: @GMSwing