How Fast Can You Shear a Sheep With a Lawn Mower?

How Fast Can You Shear a Sheep With a Lawn Mower?

– Find Out in Game Swing’s New Multiplayer Dodgeball Game OddBallers.

Copenhagen, May 7th, 2020 – Soon, PC players can practice social distancing while chasing down friends and loved ones with wrecking balls, tractors, trumpets, sheep and brutally unfair tactics in Danish indie studio Game Swing’s zany upcoming dodgeball game OddBallers. The announcement includes first gameplay trailer and promise of upcoming beta pre-season for those eager to get a leg up on the competition.

OddBallers is a fast and frantic party game for up to 6 players. Online or side-by-side on a really big sofa, players use a combination of cunning, skill and unfair tactics to screw over their opponents in hilariously unpredictable dodgeball tournaments where each round is a new crazy type of dodgeball.

OddBallers is simple and approachable, but underneath lies strategic depth and systemic complexity. Curious players may use objects, mechanics and environment to form creative and playful ways to engage opponents with devastating impact and glorious highlights to follow.

Though OddBallers is a competitive game, the real focus is on people-fun and camaraderie; priorities that run deep within the studio, which was founded at a game jam.

“So many studios are emphasizing competition. We try to celebrate the communal experience over individual competitive achievements… Some of our fondest memories are from video games with a festive and quirky attitude like Worms, Diddy Kong Racing and obscure Warcraft 3 maps – these are the type of moments we hope players will experience.”

-Martin Kai Sommer (Producer, OddBallers)

Beta and Early Access

Game Swing is working hard to get OddBallers ready for beta testing and Early Access on Steam. This is a departure from the original strategy: using the big gaming events in spring and summer to secure some external funding to finish the game, and possibly find a publishing partner.

When major gaming events were cancelled one by one, the team realized it would be extremely difficult to get the game in the hands of investors and publishers. Fortunately, the government passed a handful of initiatives to help support local businesses throughout the lockdown, so the team decided to seize the opportunity and shift focus towards self-publishing and Early Access on Steam.

“This is a little weird and scary, but also really cool. OddBallers is already great fun, and players will get hands-on very early. Their feedback will be invaluable for us when shaping and improving the game in the future… I think this approach fits the communal spirit of OddBallers incredibly well, actually”

-Martin Kai Sommer (Producer, OddBallers)

Game Swing is planning to start beta testing already this summer and expects to release in Early Access sometime later in the year.

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About Game Swing

Game Swing is a small, award-winning game studio focused on development of uniquely quirky and highly social multiplayer games for PC, consoles and occasionally smartphones.

Game Swing is based in Copenhagen and was founded in 2014 by a group of friends sharing a mutual passion for the deeply social qualities of multiplayer games.

Game Swing released their first commercial game Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. And an improved version on Nintendo Switch in 2018. They are currently working on two projects, OddBallers plus an exciting, unannounced mobile game.

Press Contact

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